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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Exciting News for 2013 - What's NEW at our property!

News for 2013, more options for you and more savings coming your way!

In the effort to keep cost down and pass on some savings to you, we decided to introduce a few  options you will find listed here.

We wanted to express our gratitude for having you business  and are very excited to present you our offers.

LOYALTY CLUB Special Rates - come stay with us twice a season or return each year for a great experience and become a member of the Loyalty Club; 

- what you get with the club membership:

  • $3 OFF 
  • in combination with one additional offer ONLY

PREFERRED PAYPAL PAYMENT CLUB (you don't have to have a pay pal account to use this option)

- what you get with this Option:

  • 5% OFF when pay in full in advance 
  • We produce an invoice, email it to you and you pay by card or straight from your Paypal account, your choice

CASH On Arrival  - (reservation must be secured with a credit card)

- what you get with this Option:
  • 3% OFF when pay CASH on arrival
  • in combination with one additional offer ONLY

Credit Card Charges (CCC)

- what you get with this Option:

  • Credit Cards have a convenience charge fee of 3% in addition to our (state and county) tax of 5.5%

ENJOY Your Savings!

Also accepting Bill me later via PayPal!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

This week's traffic update

Stay informed, local news alert for travelers on "The Belt line" HWY 12/18 within the Madison city area

Crews plan to shut down the two right lanes of eastbound and westbound Highway 12/18 bear Todd Dr. during the morning. After that, the left lane in both directions will be closed until early afternoon.


Saturday, March 28, 2009

Travel - renovation and a competitive advantage!

Interior makeovers give historic buildings new life as hotels

Historic buildings that evoke the elegance of a past era are finding new lives as modern, instantly iconic hotels.

One benefit of the reuse, recycle mindset that has developers creating fabulous new properties in the shells of once-grand buildings is that elegance and glamour are returning to interior design.

This is just an informative article for our customers.


The development of capital replacement budgets and the setting aside of reserves for replacement are long term strategies that keep a property fresh and competitive in the marketplace. If an organization has reserves for replacement set aside, now may be a good time to implement needed renovations which will allow the property to emerge stronger when the economy improves.

The accelerated price of energy earlier this year suggests that renovations related to energy efficient technology would yield future returns. If the property is experiencing reduced occupancy, renovation disruptions will be minimized relative to the guest experience. So, I think we did very well for the past year!

A native of Germany, he says this is a European sensibility. "In America you think, 'It's bigger, it's better,' but many places in Europe you didn't have the space, so you made very small jewels."

This is exactly how we think about our property as a "JEWEL" - that is!

Renovation, staying in business in tough times and meeting the "GREEN" guidelines


and just another 'Green" fun link!


Friday, March 6, 2009

Your savings Opportunity!


Hello everyone,

I am taking the time to list here a few opportunity that I was thinking about and I came to the conclusion that is worth publishing this information.

As every business is looking into different strategies to save a "buck", we decided to pass Our savings Opportunity into you.

We have Decided TO USE different ways of saving you money and making it easy for everyone to pay for their travel leisure or business or more, like shopping in our beautiful artsy village.

I. - OUR NEW POLICY stands for a percentage down payment of the total bill, and we though this will have everyone split their payment and this way is not so much of a burden to pay a chunk at once.

II. Yet, another way to book and save is using our on line booking system that allows you to take advantage of the flat fee discount (which we will keep uniform for all offers), this system is limited to 45 day advance booking, but not more. The offer is a flat Fee Discount!

Once we get your request we will produce the invoice for your reservation and you are in your way!

Thank you for helping us speeding in a great way to get more "green," and being an active participant!

We all strive to be in front of customers as often as possible and be our best. But, when we think about it, our clients and prospects give us many opportunities to stay in their minds in positive ways and we want to give them a reason to remember us for future business.

Yet, these opportunities are often overlooked, simply because we neglect to have open communication.

In conclusion:
  • If you can find your the room type on line on our system, use our online booking and SAVE -
  • The down payment will make it easier for you to pay in small bites and not a big chunk. (I also had people feel comfortable to pay 100% up front, we are NOT asking for that.)

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Cost Of Missed Opportunities

We would like the opportunity to offer our patrons more then just a room to sleep.

The future is bright!

FYI! -
Something to chew on!

flexibility on policies/ - I found the article interesting!