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Friday, April 25, 2014

MAY - our anniversary month!

Let's talk about the making of this establishment, originally known as Rest Haven Motel, DBA (doing business as) The Usonian Inn LLC, we are trying to preserve all its original elements and features. Here is a brief historic facts!

The talk and planning and all that, started in 1948.

J. Carry Caraway, formerly of Taliesin and living in Clyde at the time was the architect for the building.
Back then, it took longer to have a property design and build then in the 21st century. Kraemer Bros.  of Plain was designated to take on the project of building.

Here is a picture of the construction crew

The motel known as "Rest Haven" will be completed in 1952 and in operation by May 15th

The motel was the first highway lodging property placed between Madison and La Crosse on Highway 14.  That is a big stretch of 126 miles.

"Spring Green's Newest business enterprise, a modern, 10-unit motel near the intersection of Highways 14 and 23 a half mile northeast of the village, has been completed and was opened last week by the owners, Mr. and Mrs John Michels"

"A tow-story home for the Michels family forms the center of the structure, and long, low wings on either side house the motel units." 
                                                             Home News Spring Green WI May 15,1952

Once, more recent, an architect told us that the architecture of the structure looks worm and makes it very welcoming, like two open arms ready to hug you!

    "The long, flat roof of the motel can be used by the Michels family as a terrace for outdoor living. 
     Each spacious room of the motel has its own bathroom, indirect lighting, radiant heating, and furnishing of modern design.
     Within a week after it had opened for business, the motel owners had accommodated visitors from six states, and one of their overnight guests was Bob McGrath who plays with the Brooklyn Dodgers."
                                                            Home News Spring Green, WI May 15,1952

Home News - Page of the Spring Green newspaper; May 15, 1952

 Frank Lloyd Wright - 1952 photographed by Fred Stein

 And here is the original street sign with the original name!

Saturday, July 20, 2013

How we stand out

We are very different!

Lately we read on the media about this renovation on a "Frank Lloyd Wright inspired property" or about this other real estate for sale that is just a "Frank Lloyd Wright inspired house"...

If you think about it, our property was designed by a Frank Lloyd Wright apprentice. The Design is a perfect Usonian style - a true signature style of the renown architect, more or less an architectural distinctive design used for the architect's famous Usonian homes. ***It was erected while Frank Lloyd Wright was still alive and the construction went on under his watchful eyes. This should speak volume! 

It's perfect for Frank Lloyd Wright's fans, it's charming, build with the organic concept in mind, a sustainable property with green practices that combines the ambiance and nostalgia of the old era with a touch of modern and personalized services of today's lifestyle's expectations and comfort of your own home. 

***Now the Motel was listed - under the original name of Rest Haven Motel and registered on the Wisconsin State Register of Historic Places and on the National Register of the Historic Places as well. ***

The historic recognition has to do with the fact that the Motel was the FIRST LODGING PROPERTY built on Highway 14, between Madison and LaCrosse, WI a long stretch of 125 miles.
At the same time the architectural influence is of great significance and the location itself!

 The property - THEN
 The Property NOW!

We are looking to offer experiences where upscale is approachable and homey at the same time. We would like you to still be in a cool environment and be comfortable.

The Little Things/Amenities you don't think about much!

Adjustable bar for height and comfort while in the shower; although the shower head is low flow, some people might think is defective, - that had several setting for massage or strength/presure and such.

At least those tall individuals are expressing their appreciation that, for once, they can stand under the shower head and don't feel weird using our showers system.

Before remodeling, hot water would be available after a 5-10 minute run - on the other hand now we have installed the instant hot water pumps and the wait time should be just a minute and no longer.

Along with that, in the effort to save the environment, we offer abundantly a commercial grade of shampoo and body wash to be used in a soap dispenser system (as shown in the picture bellow)

Early on we took the initiative to improve our property by promoting it as a green establishment - so, we are a Travel Green Wisconsin certified lodging

Unlike some people that tried warning you that we do not supply soap in the bathroom, maybe some should just get familiar with what a soap dispenser look like! She wrote: "Nice, new bathroom, but bring your own soap and no hair dryer"

If you prefer soap bars, we do have that; if you need a hair dryer - we noted on our web page we supply those by request - it's not hard to ask; we are a small property and all room are on the ground level , office is situated central.

We are here to meet your needs!

Enjoy your own vista window from any of our rooms; the outer box is true to the original architectural design by J.C. Caraway - Frank Lloyd Wright's apprentice that design this property - originally named - The Rest Haven Motel

 When we brew some coffee for you is a high grade and excellent quality we serve to our patrons

We don't have to say it - because we offer comfortable beds in all our rooms; also darker window treatment for your comfort even if you booked a room with us on the East wing - in the sunrise view


Thursday, June 6, 2013

An effort to make prairie style 'greener' - WKOW 27: Madison, WI Breaking News, Weather and Sports

"In the past year, there's been a huge effort to reduce the energy consumed here.  For instance, the windows are uniquely shaped with an outer box-like appearance.  Without changing the exterior, new interior windows were installed that are double-paned and Energy Star rated."

An effort to make prairie style 'greener' - WKOW 27: Madison, WI Breaking News, Weather and Sports