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Saturday, January 23, 2010

After all, hotels don't create travel; they serve it

The hotel industry is facing severe business challenges; how we react to those will determine how quickly we can return to some balance and profit growth.

As I learned more about the industry, I wrote this article and I hope you find it helpful!


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

We could use your Help

We very much appreciate your business; along these few years I've been around, I see many of you, my customers returning to our place, - and all we hope is that you enjoy coming to our establishment not only to participate at the attractions in the area, but have a comfortable stay with us and relax with a glass of wine on the premises.

We worked hard and try to maintain the property in a great shape.
  • Since 2007, when we took ownership of the property, we implemented some environmental friendly solutions in all aspects possible to make our lodging distinguished. We've watched our business and the concept of green hospitality grow to where it is today with nimble and responsive innovation. We couldn't have done it without our customers support and understanding during the makeover!

  • We would like to thank you for choosing The Usonian Inn LLC as your green travel lodging, thank you for having stayed with us in the past and we hope you enjoyed our services.
  •  We have several projects we are working on and on our ongoing efforts we decided to ask for your help! We could use your help!

We all hope you have a prosperous 2010 and build many memories from around the area when staying with us!


Wednesday, January 6, 2010

News for 2010 - Policy changes

We are trying our best to operate our business smoothly and make your stay remarkable;

In  the mean time, we are learning how to pass on the information we like you to learn about the property's changes/updates.

The Good News:

  • There will be a 3% OFF to the returning customers; with secondary booking for the same season. (book twice this season and the second time you will receive the discount)
  • Customers paying cash will receive a 2% OFF the room rate.

The Other News:

  • When purchasing a Gift Certificate with us, there will be a 3% Credit Card transaction fee; Gift Certificates can be wither e-mailed to you account or send to you with USPS.
  • When walk in without reservation, we accept a cash form of pay, however, - we will still require a credit card that we'll keep in file for 7 days. Along with that we would like to obtain a copy of your drivers license.

    • make yourself familiar with our schedule - This is a Family Owned & Operated Small Business! -  hours of operation are listed on our web pages and are 7:30 AM - 10 PM

    • No Items from the Rooms Are to be Removed for Outdoor use or OFF Premises at any time!
    • Your credit card will be charged on your arrival,  you should inform us immediately if you wish to pay cash. 
    • By changing the credit card on file to a different credit card, you will be charged a 4% credit card processing fee. 
    • Personal checks accepted, WI State ONLY!
    • we offer seasonal discounts and they are listed under "room and rates" on our webervation system as Last Minute Special; when booking use that link to take advantage of the discounted rate.