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Saturday, June 6, 2009

All in ONE Week

The good the bad and what lesson can you learn!?

It is happened that customers always will post their opinion, experience, rather their expectations from places they stay, (lodging), visited, shopped at and so on....

I am not aware of any network those in the hosting industry have a place to express their experience with customers; and what is it OK to say OR not to say.

However, I am taking the time to post this weeks' experience with customers from both extremes; life is challenging and some time is tough, you can run short of help, then some emergency can take place, and you have to close the office.

  • The best customers of the week: It was this couple I have stay by us one night and you can tell by their action that they were very considerate to the property and treated the business with lots of respect; deciding to use the second bed to place a luggage on, the gentleman came in the office and asked for an old towel he will be able to put on the bed before having the luggage on; "wow", ... I thought his gesture was very considerate of them, to show that much respect for the goods in the room and the property as a whole, and to participate in preserving the business integrity.
  • After all they told me they will be out for breakfast and will come back to drop the key and check out. An unfortunate event took place and I had to leave office and close for an hour; ( a note was left on the door of me being absent from the reception desk) they came back and after all they still left a considerable tip for housekeeping. This was the "Wow" number 2.

******************** It was that you do your best to make customers happy at all time and not to consider to filter them in any odd way. It is then they come to the desk to check out and they will bring a long list of negative things to mention and, don't they always have the best suggestions for you!!!
Oh boy!
I am patiently listening, considering what they say and give it a thought to apply changes or implement improvements as necessary or as time and money will allow.
I make a point of thanking people for
acknowledging their concern, suggestion or constructive input.
OK, Iam open minded, and that was all good so far! *********************************

  • The worst customer of the week: A younger couple checks in and it looks like it's all OK, they buy a bottle of wine and go on with they evening. Next morning, they dropped the key and after a brief conversation they took of; going in the room to clean was another story!
  • For the first time since I am running the hotel business, someone decided to be very upfront in expressing their believes or disbelieve as if anyone asked them anything about that;
  • It was very insulting to the business, to me personally and VERY Disrespectful to the entire establishment, to go in that room and find the Holly Bible (the physical book) laying in the trash can next to the bed, and in addition a small print I usually have in the night stand drawer.
  • I have news for you "my friend" God is watching your every step, and if this is what you decide to practice every place you go, SHAME ON YOU!
  • Nobody asked you to convert to any religion and share or express your convictions, no one brought up any sensitive religious subject to discuss with you in particular, and if you are mad at the whole world, that is not any of my problems.... if you don't want to see The Book - DO NOT open drawers. If you don't believe in anything, that's not what I am worried about.
  • No one should Disrespect and insult my business practice, and trash the integrity of our establishment with this type of attitude and think they can walk away smiling - that will NOT LAST, my friend!
This post is informational and expresses my pure dissatisfaction with people that walk on this earth with no integrity!