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Sunday, May 27, 2012

What does it mean? - This is a Family Owned & Operated Small Business!

"This is a Family Owned & Operated Small Business"

If you see this note in a lodging property web page, read on, you might want to know!

What does it mean?

It could have several meanings... and or all listed bellow
  • we are smaller properties operated by self employed family members (only - most likely)
  • We are not a chain name hotel/motel
  • we work with limited personnel on duty (obvious reasons)
  • schedule may vary - if not set time for lunch, we would still close the office briefly to have meals
  • don't be surprise to find the office closed with a note on the door        (accept the fact that the note might be hand written - I don't see          anything wrong with that)
  • if close briefly for lunch hours that doesn't make it a rule for an everyday matter at the same time
  • don't always believe that we can bargain rates just because we are independent, we still need to make a living
  • We guarantee anyone a room to be ready for rental at 3PM; we make exceptions but we are not obligated to check anyone in earlier
  • check online system for availability and rates, it's just a click away! we pay for this Virtual assistant to free up some time to give full attention to those checking in or those on premises that need our assistance 
  • ***there are so many free amenities to you or programs at your disposal - however, WE have to pay for those.
  • Rules are made NOT to be broken; accept the fact that we mean what we say and we need you to respect what is written.
        We do appreciate your participation all together...

  1. allow yourself enough time in the morning to check out on time
  2. don't clean out your car of garbage you collected your entire trip at such small places
  3. don't use hotel properties to fill in for what you missed packing for your camping trip, outdoor adventures, etc... 
  4. participate in recycling if property requires

  • We would love you to have a great time and enjoy your stay with us!
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