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Friday, December 25, 2009

Info on Credit card transactions, reservations and more

As we have information passed on to us, merchants, I would like to share some helpful tips with our customers, you need to be aware of!

By authorizing your credit card for any reservations with us you are having the dollar amount on hold for a certain period of time. Precisely  - Visa and Master Card will hold the amount up to 7 days and Discover - up to 30 days.
This is no a charge on your card, it might appear as a charge on your bank statement if the card you use was a debit or an on hold transaction with your Credit Card for that dollar amount.

By the time you check in with us, your transaction might still show as of an "on hold" transaction, however the only time we charge your card is when you check in unless we discuss otherwhise.

So, in order to comply with that, what will be for us "Avoiding Unnecessary Additional Fees" we will follow procedures we are instructed; what is expected of us is:
  • 1. to have the card authorized prior to charging it, and charge the sale on the same card - otherwise we are charged with "Misuse of Authorization" fees by Visa.
  • 2. to charge the card and do it within the allotted time frame - otherwise if the  authorization was not obtained prior to the  charges occurrence, Visa calls this a "Zero Floor Limit" fee and that (the fee) is passed on to us, the merchants.
On the other  hand, we are offering a discount to those who are paying cash; however, that doesn't eliminate us having to ask for a credit card information we will have on file.

Happy traveling and spending in 2010!


Holidays Greetings

Marry Christmas and a Happy New Year

During this special season, we would like to thank you for choosing The Usonian Inn LLC
as your green travel lodging, thank you for having stayed with us in the past and we hope
you enjoyed our services.
Since 2007, when we took ownership of the property, we implemented some environmental
friendly solutions in all aspects possible to make our lodging distinguished. We've watched
our business and the concept of green hospitality grow to where it is today with nimble and
responsive innovation. We couldn't have done it without our customers support and
understanding during the makeover!
As another year comes to a close, we hope you'll keep in touch. Follow us on Facebook. We
promise to keep you posted on everything new at our motel. We hope you'll enjoy the family
gathering this season and we also hope that our improved facility will be a delightful place
for a return visit with more friends.
We wish you a healthy and more prosperous 2010!
Happy Holidays!
The Usonian Inn LLC staff


Monday, December 7, 2009

Holiday Season at the Usonian Inn and in Spring Green

We are open this month and happy to having our guests enjoy all the activities in town! Country Christmas celebration was a great event, even so, it was really cold!

Shops are open and busy; all business owners are trying to make your shopping a pleasant experience and a good one to remember!

Plan to be here next December and enjoy a play at the Gard Theater and shopping around; we'll post more for their schedule early February!

The House on the Rock is open and well decorated for the Christmas Celebration!

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