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Friday, March 31, 2017

Have you heard? We are on the Trail - yes, FRANK LLOYD WRIGHT Trail!

Oh, the beauty of Spring returning! After all we are ready for Spring, plan early and plan wisely!

It's time to celebrate Spring and the whole revival of nature; we've been enjoying the many birds' return and their morning singing, the yards are green and many of the trees show their buds.

The changes we had are looking good. New floor plan was designed for the Spring Green Chamber of Commerce's office and our new web page looks great. Visit the page for schedule of events and                 more info.

We would highly encourage everyone to visit our neighborhood page! You will find links for many local businesses and events. 

Most restaurants offer - a Special Brunch for Mother's Day; see more on the Spring Green web page.
Mother's Day weekend is approaching and not only that but, on May 13th there is something new going on!

Wings over river Valley announces a local event - "birds Festival."

Most likely our independent stores are offering live music every weekend.

Farmer's Market in Spring Green is opening the weekend of mid May;

also May 20-21 there is a special event in Muscoda, people visit from all over the states Morel Mushroom Festival.
People like to bike from our property to Muscoda.

Wisconsin River Friends w
ill always have some fun activities in the area!

And indeed, we are celebrating our 65th year in business ; feel free to be part of our event we are hosting in May and look out for our special offers as well!

Also see if this page will run any program of your interest in the area - summer recreational activities.
It looks like we have our busy schedule here; what's left for you to do is plan your travel right, stay with us for the night and enjoy the fun in the Valley!

Have you heard? We are on the Trail - yes, FRANK LLOYD WRIGHT Trail

WISCONSIN MILESTONES: This year we (Taliesin) celebrate Frank Lloyd Wright's 150th birthday and the 50th anniversary of the Frank Lloyd Wright Visitor Center at Taliesin. These are among other milestone anniversaries in Wisconsin to celebrate this year.
Visit Taliesin facebook page for events they will host this season!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Holidays Greetings

Marry Christmas and a Happy New Year

During this special season, we would like to thank you for choosing The Usonian Inn LLC
as your green travel lodging, thank you for having stayed with us in the past and we hope
you enjoyed our services.
Since 2007, when we took ownership of the property, we implemented some environmental
friendly solutions in all aspects possible to make our lodging distinguished. We've watched
our business and the concept of green hospitality grow to where it is today with nimble and
responsive innovation. We couldn't have done it without our customers support and
understanding during the makeover!
As another year comes to a close, we hope you'll keep in touch. Follow us on Facebook. We
promise to keep you posted on everything new at our motel. We hope you'll enjoy the family
gathering this season and we also hope that our improved facility will be a delightful place
for a return visit with more friends.
We wish you a healthy and more prosperous 2010!
Happy Holidays!
The Usonian Inn LLC staff