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Monday, April 12, 2010

FAST CHECK IN Process - Save time when checking in with us

Thinking of your time, we realized that we can help you saving some when reserving your room on line.
In a hurry? need to catch a play? rushing between plays to check in to your room?
Got to make it to your dinner reservation?

We are pleased to announce a very new way of saving time with the check in process.

Introducing "Fast Check in" form now available with on line reservation!
Grab a copy of your e-mail confirmation you receive from us and sing it when you check in; the best way to make it in "FAST" will be to let us know you want to participate and we can authorize your credit card before you come in and all you need to do is present your credit card and sign your sleep with us!

On the bottom page of you reservation confirmation, you will see this 

We'll use this form when you check in
(if you want a "fast check-in" fill in form, print and sing on your arrival)
Vehicle Make -Model & Year -License Plate-License State
Customer Signature/Date

Use it to get in FAST!