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Saturday, February 7, 2009

TWO Successful Years

When I look back to the last two years, - I realize, we had a great success!
Many things there have been said about the place, our service and we managed to get this place finally to meet our own standards.

“We must make sure customer service culture is established early and deep,” I said,
“If we are not doing it better than anyone else, we are not getting the best return on investment on our hotel.
In this poor economy you have a real opportunity to take customers away from the competition, while also moving the needle on customer service upward.
Every incremental increase will create additional process by capturing new and retain customers."

It’s possible to fix most any problem before a guest’s departure, thereby ensuring their stay is a memorable one. Also, by addressing customer concerns, I am convinced it will make the difference in capturing repeat business hotels would otherwise lose.

We are extracting the negative from the guest before they leave. This is not a money-back guarantee; this is good operations and common sense.

The renovation we approached this past year was a great success and we get compliments all the time.

This is an exciting time in our business.

We are on the move and we, the hotel owners have achieved our goal quickly, we got into the spotlight on the local news paper, the TV station, and being awarded 3"Green" leaves out of 5 on; it is going to be proven that quality in customer service, comfort
and cleanliness is what matters.


Friday, February 6, 2009

Getting Back from a Short Vacation!

I was gone for a short time and it seems like an eternity.

It's so much I have to catch up with that is not as easy as I thought; sorry to those I missed your call.

I'll get back to my e-mail as soon as tomorrow and don't worry I will have a room for you for your event!

We are entertaining a wedding next weekend and rooms are limited.

We are expecting a wonderful spring season and great offer for your stay with us.


Monday, January 19, 2009

GRAB your coupon and GO!

Valentine is approaching quickly and we want you to have a special time;

We are offering a special rate that weekend; see our coupon on this link:

Valentine Day Special Offer

Other offers, by e-mail orders, will be at a discounted price when you order by February the 12th, 2009
The right Nutrition for a Healthier YOU!


Sunday, January 18, 2009

Cost Of Missed Opportunities

We would like the opportunity to offer our patrons more then just a room to sleep.

The future is bright!

FYI! -
Something to chew on!

flexibility on policies/ - I found the article interesting!


Thursday, January 8, 2009

Back on track

As the Holidays are over, and things go back to normal, I am taking the time to update you on what's going on at the business.

The bathrooms renovation is close to be accomplished in entirety, just a few odds and ends;

We are OPEN and operating, and we are running a special coupon for the "BALD EAGLE WATCH" event. during the month of January only - click on the blog title to see coupon, mention it when call in, and take advantage of the offer.

Sauk City is just a short drive away from our property.
Follow the Scenic route 60 going North from Spring Green towards Sauk City and
Prairie du Sac (Sauk Prairie), where winter are the gathering of the Bald Eagles traveling down from the Northern part of the state and neighbors states. See official WI site link.

It is definitely a great season in Wisconsin, roads are kept clear and snow is limited, it's just beautifying the scenery; you can experience the winter wonderland wright here in our backyard.

Take a vacation away from your indoor environment and enjoy the nature wonders of Wisconsin!